Cultural Vibes of the Tech Titan Brands

Added Value, part of the WPP stable, on their rather impressive site, have revealed the results of their Cultural Traction 2013 Study.

The net effect of their machinations, as we understand them, involving 160 brands, 62,250 respondents across 10 countries, is a “Vibe” score.

We’ll let them continue ”A brand’s VIBE score is a composite of four dimensions, statistically formed from dozens of attributes reflecting cultural impact and relevance.

  • VISIONARY: brands leading the way and getting our attention
  • INSPIRING: brands that have a point of view and stand for something I want to be a part of
  • BOLD: brands that have swagger with substance
  • EXCITING: brands that are disruptive and have momentum”

On our Technology definition the major multinationals did rather well across almost all countries with the possible exception being China where the likes of Taobao, Sina  and Tencent were in their top 10 technology companies. They are, sort of their equivalent Amazon / ebay, Twitter / Facebook and an online conglomerate respectively.

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The rankings we have used are simply deduced from the global and country listings (e & o e)! We have, sort of promoted Amazon (even although it has no global ranking) to reflect it’s importance in particular in the English speaking world (excluding Australia) together with China and Germany!

Much more worth investigating on their site in particul;ar their case study of Apple v’s SamsungFrenemies at the Gate“.


Disclosure; We have Marketing Affiliate relationships with Google and Amazon

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