Your online library is quite a site

A rather interesting, if slightly quirky, in our view, online resource was launched yesterday. It is “Bookmark Your Library” and is “… provided by The Combined Regions, The Arts Council England, from OCLC, The Society of Chief Librarians, and The Reading Agency.”

Their “… goal is to help promote the services of libraries around the country – as they provide support to everyone.”

The site was launched with a fair number of brutally honest research findings gathered together under the slogan “Use them or lose them”:

  • “60% of us are still not visiting our local libraries
  • almost half of those surveyed said libraries aren’t needed as much as they were a decade ago due to technological advances with the internet, tablets and Kindles.
  • if their local library shut down, one in five admitted they would be very disappointed, and one in ten said it would be a loss to the local community.
  • Almost three quarters of us have been to our local library at some point in our lives but on average the last time we visited our local library was 17 months ago.
  • The biggest driving force to visit a library is being a parent, with 14% saying they last visited their library to encourage their child into reading and 8% went to help a child with a school project.
  • Only a third know that their local library offers reading groups; only 1 in 10 know they offer genealogy services; and 60% didn’t know they offer music rental, something which was introduced to the majority of public libraries years ago.”

From a very brief look round the site apart from the obvious find your local and national library abilities there are many other facilities and potentially useful resources and links.


  • Ask a question 24/7 “Have you ever needed someone to ask? A burning question you wanted to answer, or perhaps needed help with a specific research topic or even homework?”
  • Find a Book Access FABLibraries database with over 9 million books with edition histories ++

Much more besides which we will likely expand on at a later date adding a permanent link in our bestselling books section.

Obligatory Twitter and Facebook presences have been set up.

Definitely one to point the kids at! Although go and “BookmarkYourLibrary it?” doesn’t have much of a ring to it!

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