Link your car to Automatic

“.. it could do for driving what the iPod did for music.” John Fortt of CNBC

The Automatic Link and app from Automatic Labs looks like they could be real winners, initially in the US but hopefully subsequently over here. It comes in at a remarkable $69.95!

“The Automatic Link talks to your car’s onboard computer and uses your smartphone’s GPS and data plan to upgrade your car’s capabilities. Every Link works with both iPhone and Android. Automatic works with just about any gasoline engine car sold in the United States since 1996.”


helps you make small changes in your driving habits that can lead to huge savings on gas over time.

  • Driving feedback
  • Rough breaking
  • Speeding
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Drive Score
  • Trip timeline (actual trip info + fill ups ++)

Crash Alert looks out for you by automatically notifying 911 with your location in a crash. For free.

connects to your car’s onboard computer to decipher that little ‘check engine’ light and explain exactly what’s wrong.

  • Push Notifications (“Your check engine light is on”)
  • Engine Health (Shows details of “trouble codes” and has suggestions

always remembers where you parked, so you don’t have to.

automatically pays all parking fines free! – No it doesn’t we made that one up!

Understandably it’s had quite a bit of press in the US (eg Forbes   engadget and PC Mag

We’ll leave you with their video

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