Keep an I on our week (Galaxy Schriller edition)

Our top three articles this week were:

  1. UK Tops Tablet Traffic Totals
  2. Sextuplets for The Amazon Family 
  3. iPad Sales Growth Slowing to 15%? 

The week had more than its fair share of announcements with the larger Kindle Fire now available in Europe and Japan, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 available from late April around the world (or parts of it) and Apple’s Phil Schiller generally trying to rubbish all that’s android!

We seem to be having another numbers game on the mobile front. Apple’s one step ahead at 5 of the Nexus and Galaxy S, 4’s but Blackberry doubles up with its Z 10!

LG tried to get in on the act with some “billboard banter” in Times Square but we feel these may not have been particularly well spent ad $’s. It gets a smile but little else!





We’ll leave you with a couple of Amazon’s tongue in cheek adverts.

Revise the closing price in the HD 8.9 ad to $269 and £229 in the UK!





And as it’s nearly spring we will finish with a beach!





Disclosure: We have Marketing Affiliate arrangements with Amazon

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