Keep an I on our week (The Best of edition)

Our top three articles this week were:

  1. Mobile makes the World Go Round
  2. The World’s Most Admired & Lissted Tech Companies 
  3. I can I will I am I code 

Our “Best of” this week was definitely’s  video encouraging all schools to teach their students how to code. Here’s the one minute teaser/taster video to convince you.

The Best in/of …. Show tomorrow takes place at Crufts and our graphic is of our favourite winner of the last few years.Vbos the Kentuckian (aka Jet)  who hails from South Queensferry and won in 2011.

The Best of ….. Mother’s day QR codes comes from Marks & Spencer in Shepherds Bush. It consists of  a most impressive 9,457 flowers and a competition but has the less impressive hash tag of #BloomingQRCode.

We’ll leave you with their arrangement.

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