Mobile makes the World Go Round

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“Like almost no other digital product, mobile apps represent a global opportunity with more or less instant worldwide distribution” said Mr. Svanberg of Berg Insight concerning their latest research in the 2nd edition of their Mobile Application Market report. They also forecast the other 2017 forecasts per our graphic.

“Apple’s App Store is the clear leader in monetisation of mobile apps and will keep the number one position during the forecast period. Google Play and Windows Phone Store are anticipated to be number two and three respectively in 2017.”

We think that app figure may well be under scoped out in time. Simply expressing app downloads as a ratio of smartphone annual shipments gives the following:

  • 2011 – 66
  • 2012 – 84
  • 2017 – 71

The smartphone actuals and forecasts come from our often quoted friends at IDC

The 2013-2017 figures are extracts from yesterdays Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker release which forecasts smartphones overtaking feature phones for the first time this year and puts us in third place in the country stakes behind Chins and the US although those Japanese look as if they will give us a run for our money (or mobile). Come 2017 we are predicted to drop to 5th place losing out to India and Brazil. So by then the only non Bric country in the top 4 will be the USA. No sign though of Russia!

Those compound annual growth rates are the figures that impress us most of all. Well into double figures over a five year timeframe for all of them

We’ll leave you with one of those absolutely marvelous iCharts.


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