The World’s Most Admired and Lissted Tech Companies

Fortune recently published the World’s Most Admired Companies   Technology  companies hold the top three spots!

Fortune make a telling comment in their review of the last 30 years  of the production of this ranking:

“Seven of those top 10 companies are one-man phenomena. Apple, Google, Amazon, Starbucks, Southwest Airlines, Berkshire Hathaway, FedEx — each is the reflection of a single individual (or two, at Google) who is still around, with the notable exception of Apple’s Steve Jobs, gone less than 18 months.”

Following the end of the Mobile World Congress last week Lissted an application from Realwire had a look at “… which companies, products and technologies got the media tweeting most.”

Their “… analysis is based on 7,260 tweets* by 619 journalists, bloggers and analysts and 419 media outlet accounts tracked by Lissted that mentioned “MWC”, “MWC13”, “MWC2013” or “Mobile World Congress” during the week prior to the show and during the show itself (00.00 GMT-18/2/13 to 11.36 GMT-28/2/13).”

We thought a little correlation might be in order.

We’ve majored on the Fortune top 10 and their top 10 tech listing with one elimination and a replacement! We’ve taken out Accenture and added in Samsung! For completeness we’ve added in the 7 companies of a non tech nature so you have the complete picture.

Lissted have products as well as companies in their top 50 so we’ve sort of grouped themby producer!

Arguably as Apple has a lengthy and distinguished history of non attendance at such events we are unsurprised to see they only manged second place in our total column.

The World’s Most Admired & Lissted Companies following the Mobile World Conference therefore are:

  1. Google
  2. Apple
  3. Samsung
  4. Intel
  5. Microsoft
  6. Facebook


Disclosure: We have marketing affiliate arrangements with Amazon & Google

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