The iPlayer packs a punch

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The BBC have just released their Monthly Performance Pack for the iPlayer for January (pdf) and whilst not quite a knock out it certainly highlights the move to mobile.

We’ve done one of our tables on the change between January 2012 and 2013 for  Programme requests (TV only ie excluding radio) extracted from their graphic.



The increase in “mobile devices” ie Mobile and Tablets is incredible. Up from 20 to 75 million that’s a factor of 3.75!

Looking at the, sort of, market share change in the percentage table shows mobile & tablets gaining over 20% from Computers and TV Platform operators (that’s the likes of Sky and Virgin Media carrying the iPlayer service).

Mobile is catching Computers rapidly and is only 12 million or 5.6% behind in January. We guess they could overtake after Easter!

We were somewhat surprised at the comparatively low performance of Internet TV /connected devices but perhaps this is further down the line so as to speak.

The BBC headline from Dave Price, Head of BBC iPlayer is “…..a record-breaking festive period, with performance driven by new mobiles and tablets unwrapped on Christmas Day, and it looks like these devices have yet to be put down.”

Many more interesting statistics in their pack, and we expect some further increase in February as Sky Go has only just managed to update their systems to cater with our Nexus 7 Jelly bean update so we and a few others have been diverted to the iPlayer for the last week or two!



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