The iPad is Good for Business

Good Technology “analyzed the mobile devices activated by its corporate customers over the final quarter of 2012” (pdf) and found that iPad activations in the last quarter of 2012 led Android by a factor of almost 9!

“With over 4,000 customers across every major industry, including half the Fortune 100™, Good® has a clear view into global mobility trends and the adoption of new mobile platforms and devices” So they re talking about a not insignificant sample.

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Unsurprisingly, to us, there is a heavy bias towards the financial sector and business & professional services. ”Together, these two industries make up more than half of the activations” reported in Q4.but the depth of the varying sectors impressed us.  Over here yesterday we encountered  a Green Deal Assessor using a ruggedised iPad in earnest.

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Looking at the wider enterprise mobile activations the Apple dominance continues as “The iOS platform secured nearly 77 percent of total device activations, up from 71 percent in Q4 of 2011.” Of the Top 11 devices Apple holds 8 with only Samsung (#’s 6 & 11) with a couple and Droid at #10.


Canalys  last week projected worldwide mobile device shipment compound annual growth rates through 2016 of:

  • 35.3% for Tablets and
  • 17.9% for Smartphones

Whilst tablet volumes trail smartphones by a distance they are still forecast to increase from some 16% in 2012 to 28.5% in 2016 at a little under 400 million.

The business/enterprise market for mobile devices is, we think likely to grow at least as fast as the combined rate for Smartphones & Tablets of over 20% per annum.





Nominet held a board meeting yesterday to consider the outcome of their consultation on the uk direct domainspace proposals. If they announce their decision we will bring it to you with our instant comments. We think it is not unlikely that a further period of reflection may be involved!

Pending our comments you may wish to check their:

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