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Adrian Kamellard, chief executive of the Payments Council  said: “We scarcely notice the steady changes in the way we pay, yet someone in their thirties today will see more change in their lifetime than in the entire history of money.”

Quite so & PayPal hereTM will be “available in summer 2013 in the UK”. (In fact we reckon they could go with an ® as the trade mark was registered with effect from 15 February last year).

You can register now for the service.

It’s, in our words, a chip and pin service which can be offered by small businesses using a PayPal card reader, the businesses smartphone (iPhone or Android) and some software app(s). Cost is likely to be a not unreasonable (or possibly no) charge for the reader and then, as usual, a per transaction charge.

The system has already been piloted over here and the, guilt free, “Greedy Goat”already has some hands on experiences to relay! (It’s goat’s milk ice cream!)

The payment service already exists (in varying formats) in:

and is due for introduction in Australia  later this year.

The triangular swipe and sign facility are used in the above four countries but it looks as if Australia is going for a smartphone only solution.

The possible transaction charges (courtesy in certain instances of Google translate) appear to be:

  • USA & Canada 2.7%
  • Hong Kong 3.9% – 4.2% + $2.35 transaction charge
  • Japan 5%

Let’s hope they’re nice and competitive over here!

To celebrate last night’s Oscars ceremony we’ll leave you with Apple’s iPad advert, which we rather liked which previewed during the event.


Disclosure: We use PayPal as a payment facility service

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