Keep an I on our week (Google-eyed edition)

Our top three articles this week were:

  1. Go  with the SwiftKey flow
  2. Internet Sales reach 16.1% All Retail Sales (excl Food)
  3. UK Internet usage reaches 85.1% in Q4 2012

Topic of the week has to be Google Glass  who are looking for “explorers” to join in their development project.

  • Good news – All you have to do is in 50 or fewer words tell them what you would do if you had glass.
  • Bad news you have to be a US citizen.

This is …. “How to apply

We’re looking for bold, creative individuals who want to join us and be a part of shaping the future of Glass. We’d love to make everyone an Explorer, but we’re starting off a bit smaller. We’re still in the early stages, and while we can’t promise everything will be perfect, we can promise it will be exciting.

Using Google+ or Twitter, tell us what you would do if you had Glass, starting with the hashtag #ifihadglass.

  • Your application must be 50 words or less
  • You must include #ifihadglass in your application
  • You can include up to 5 photos with your application
  • You can include a short video (15 secs max)
  • Be sure to follow us on Google+ (+ProjectGlass) or Twitter (@projectglass) so that we can contact you directly
  • You must be at least 18 years old and live in the U.S. to apply
  • For more details, please see our full Terms  and FAQ

The deadline for applications is February 27th”

Our 50 words might start “ #IfIhadGlass we would certainly  keep an I or two on your exciting Google-eyed journey……

And here’s our photo!

Now Google surely just one pair in the UK would be OK! Give us a shout at @Idotcodotuk

In other news Jeff Bezos’s wife Mackenzie has written a new book called Traps which is available from  ……..

Nice little quote, we thought, from a comprehensive article in Vogue “Bezos acknowledges that having a husband who is worth $20 billion is a stroke of luck—especially for someone who wants to write literary fiction,”

We’ll leave you with the Google Glass video:


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