Go with the SwiftKey Flow

It’s the smartest yet, it’s simply the best, it’s British and right now it’s only £1.491.

It is the SwiftKey 4 app for Android and it comes from TouchType Ltd who are based in Southwark (London).

The type prediction app now incorporates “ ….a unique take on gesture typing called SwiftKey Flow … which combines the mind-reading capabilities of SwiftKey’s personalized autocorrect engine with the speed of gliding your fingers across the screen. This revolutionary approach to continuous input begins predicting words from the moment a user touches the screen and goes on to predict their next word when they let go. A unique feature called ‘Flow Through Space’ also makes gesture typing more powerful than ever before by allowing users to enter entire phrases simply by gliding to the space bar between words.”

Some say that the company’s software is incorporated in over 100 million smartphones and that the app was the biggest seller on Google Play last year but all we know is that a reviewer has described it, following some hands/fingers & thumbs on, time as “ The best Android Keyboard we’ve reviewed” and it warrants a 5 star “Spectacular” rating from Cnet. This stellar review is well worth a read.

It also highlights the rather novel tablet split keyboard to cater with those thumbs in landscape mode – interesting!

You can even convert the SwiftKey 4 into a 7 or a tee shirt! They are running a little promotion with a Nexus 7 and said tee shirt as prizes. All you have to do is:

“… make sure you’re following @SwiftKey and just tweet ”I’m tweeting with SwiftKey 4 to win a Nexus 7! Try Android’s smartest keyboard now – http://bit.ly/swiftkey4 #swiftkey”. We’ll pick the lucky winner next Wednesday (27th February) so be sure to check your Direct Messages then!” T & C’s available on clicking!

Click to investigate!

Started in 2008 they have grown to over 90 people and provide short bio’s of most of the members of the team on their site which, not only become colourful on investigation but can even be filtered by discipline!

Headquartered in a three-story office in Southwark, central London, SwiftKey now also has offices in San Francisco, New York, Beijing and Seoul. They may well have more to follow as apparently the app is available in an impressive 60 languages.

We’re off to give it a go and are vacillating between have decided to get both the phone and tablet versions. We may report back at a later date.

Say hello to their videos.


1 This is a promo price which converts to $1.99 over there and for existing users the upgrade is free. It’s available on Google play

Disclosure: We have no commercial arrangements with SwiftKey / TouchType Ltd.

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