Five win 4G, but Tesco doesn’t!

Ofcom  today announced the winning bidders for the UK 4G networks.

Accepted bids totaled £2.3 billion v’s the, sort of , expectation (by some) of around £3.5 billion. We guess longer term this may mean reduced charges for consumers and greater profits for the providers. We shall see!

In terms of roll out, after EE’s sort of false start last year, spring to early summer of this year is mentioned in the Ofcom press release as the networks target for consumer services availability.

They also predict that “Almost the whole UK population will be able to receive 4G mobile services by the end of 2017 at the latest.”

USwitch  welcomes the announcement (pdf) and look forward to services being available within 6 months or so.

The other winners announced today by Which  come from their supermarket ranking;

  • Waitrose 82%
  • Aldi  74%
  • Lidl 69%
  • Marks & Spencer 68%
  • Morrisons 59%
  • Sainsbury’s 58%
  • Asda 53%
  • The Co-operative 48%
  • Tesco 45%

This compares with their (slightly older) survey of online supermarkets Overall we hope that all this should shorten & speed up the weekly online shop!


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