We watch nearly 9 weeks of TV a year

Thinkbox  have today released some preliminary research from BARB  (the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board) and others ahead of their comprehensive 2012 Annual Review which they publish at the beginning of March.

The bottom line is that we still watch 4 hours and 1 minute of TV a day on ye olde traditional TV set (or in fact on our all Samsung singing and dancing connected variant).

Of this time just under 90% was watched “live” ie not “time shifted” via  DTR’s (Digital TV Recorders). Apparently 51% of us have DTR’s now but usage is stabilising.

They reckon 66% of the content viewed comes from the commercial broadcasters.

We’ve had a quick look and reckon a random week might in viewing terms show (e & o e):

  • BBC – 35%
  • ITV- 22%
  • Channel 4 – 11%
  • Channel 5 – 4%
  • The rest – 28%

It’s difficult to break out Sky, Virgin Media etc but channels with Sky in their names seem to have about 7%.

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Wikipedia, as ever, have some analysis and we’ve borrowed one of their graphics which sort of comes up with not wholly dissimilar figures back in 2008.

But it’s in the process of changing . Thinkbox from information currently supplied by the broadcasters, and confirmed by BARB’s estimates reckon we currently watch TV for a further 3 minutes a day on other than TV sets ie mobile and lapotop / desktop  devices.

BARB are in the process of setting up the ability to monitor/measure laptop / Desktop and tablet usage to watch TV and we think this will, if not explode then at least add significantly to the current 1.2% level of viewing.

So as with Twitter & Nielsen combining to reflect the social side of the digital world so too with BARB and Thinkbox on the TV broadcasting one.

Our 9 weeks comes from 4 hours and 1 minute + 3 minutes = 244 minutes a day = 89,060 minutes a year = 61 days 20 hours = 8.8 weeks!

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