Are you a platform agnostic hedonist or atheist?.

comScore have just released both their US and UK “Digital Future in Focus 2013” whitepapers which we regard as required reading!

They are both available for download after registration.

Further country/regional editions are scheduled as follows:

  • March – Brazil, Canada, France, Germany and Europe
  • May – Spain and Latin America

We will comment at this stage on the UK edition and may return to the more wordy  US one at a later date.

All you Europhiles can, pending your own issue next month, gather quite a few comparative insights from our UK version!

“Key Insights from 2012 and What They Mean for the Coming Year” is what it says on the cover and, possibly unlike certain other labels currently, it contains what it says!

We will simply cherry pick some of the more interesting and/or unusual observations which caught and retained our attention.

Firstly to get our headline into context here’s the relevant extract from their Executive Summary:

“Major media events in 2012, like the Olympics for example, have shown us that consumers have become more platform agnostic in their digital media consumption and happily switch devices throughout the day and into the night to stay up to date on email, news, social media etc.

comScore has been preparing for a future scenario where most people will consume content on the go and PCs would no longer be the centre of the digital universe. This future is quickly becoming a reality.”

We in the UK:

  • Have the 4th largest internet audience in Europe at 39.4 million (Russia is #1 with 61.3 million)
  • Engage more than any other European country at37.3 hours a month (#2 is Turkey – 31 hours)
  • Use mobile devices to access nearly 33.33% of total page views (24.8% mobile, 6.8% tablet) and are top in Europe.
  • Watched 262% more videos on mobile devices last year [from  YouTube (1)  Amazon (2) Facebook (3)]
  • Online shop a lot (90% of us) and in December 20% of us bought something via our smartphone.
  •  Are 2nd behind Germany of the EU5 (France Italy & Spain) in mobile audience terms at 49.5 million.
  • Are 2nd behind Spain in terms of smartphone users as a percentage of mobiles at 64% and in December 82% of new mobile acquisitions were smartphones.
  • Mainly (nearly 50%) have android smartphones.
  • Spend most of our internet time on Social media followed by email activities
  • Use mobile devices mor in out of work hours!
  • Searched 161 times per searcher in December and were 3rd  in Europe behind  Turkey and Poland.
  • Watched most display adverts from Microsoft (1) Sky (2) ebay(3) Vodafone (4)and Google (5) in Q4 2012.
  • Had an average (median) age of nearly 40 when we visited Linkedin and Facebook but a mere 25 approx when visiting and SteamCommunity!
  • If we are Silver surfers (over 55) then we spend a lot of time gambling online mainly on the Lottery!

On the retail front

  • “Apple has nearly as many unique visitors on Mobile as on PC” which sort of proves that if you are the leading Smartphone and Tablet supplier a lot of your customers will use their devices to visit your sites!
  • The Food sector (3rd largest in unique visitor terms) is still growing rapidly (17%)
  • The music sector in 7th place contracted by 11%
  • Movies grew by 100% but are last of the 10 listed in size of viunique visitor terms.
  • “1 in 3 iPhone users made a purchase via their smartphone” in a month compared to 1 in 5 of the rest.

On the advertising front comScore reckon form their research that in Europe as a whole “ … that an average of 3 in 10 ads were never actually seen by their target audiences.”

They conveniently, and possibly innovatively, provide a page of Tweetable Highlights which (whilst we may be accused of repetition) we’re sure they won’t mind us reproducing in full:

Tweetable Highlights

Click to inspect

  • Dec 2012 was first month all EU countries crossed 50 percent mark for smartphone penetration #FutureinFocus
  • 44.8 million people in UK used the internet in Dec 2012, up 5 percent over the year #FutureinFocus
  • UK internet users spend 37 hours online per month, more than any other EU country #FutureinFocus
  • UK online video audience grew 8 percent in past year, whilst mobile video grew 262 percent #FutureinFocus
  • 63 percent UK smartphone penetration, 82 percent of phones acquired in Dec 2012 were smartphones #FutureinFocus
  • Google captures almost 48 percent of UK smartphone OS market #FutureinFocus
  • Over 6 million UK smartphone users also owned a tablet in December 2012 #FutureinFocus
  • Online shopping now reaches 9 out of 10 UK internet users #FutureinFocus
  • 1 in 5 Brits used their smartphone to purchase a good or service in December #FutureinFocus
  • Instagram’s UK mobile audience grew 1112 percent between Dec 2011 and Dec 2012 #FutureinFocus
  • Nearly One-Third of Web-Based Page Views in UK Are Viewed on Smartphones and Tablets #FutureinFocus

At the risk of repeating ourselves, yet again, undoubtedly required reading.

We couldn’t find though a nice little video which would have rounded it & this off perfectly!

Disclosure: We have no commercial relationships with comScore

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