Brand Reputational excellence 2013 dominated by Amazon Apple & Google

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Harris Interactive  have brought out possibly the first of the 2013 Brand rankings. It’s their “….14th consecutive year of measuring corporate reputation in the U.S.”

The Harris Poll 2013 RQ® Summary Report (pdf)

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The report has a reputational slant with a Nominations phase to select 60 of the “most visible” companies in the US involving just over 4,600 online interviews with members of the general public. There then follows the RQ (Reputation Quotient) Ratings section with over 14,500, again online, interviews.

They use 20 attributes to come up with an overall score with a maximum of 100. Any score of 80 or over they categorise as excellent.

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We’ve got together one of our little tables with our likely wider (and subjective) selection of technology companies and highlighted those that fall into the top category. 2011 was a bumper year with a total of 16 it dropped to 8 in 2012 and now is down to 6!

Google (who incidentally have we reckon ranked in the excellent category in every one of the last 6 years) Amazon and Apple cannot help but impress.

The highest ever score we have seen is 85.62 for Apple in 2012 followed by 84.05 for Google in 2011.





Harris Interactive break down the top 5 “winners” in the 6 segments and our technology companies do particularly well again:

  • Products & Services – Amazon 1st Apple 2nd Google 4th Samsung 5th
  • Vision & Leadership – Apple 1st Amazon 2nd  Google 4th
  • Workplace Environment – Google 1st Apple 3rd  Amazon 5th
  • Financial Performance – Apple 1st  Amazon 3rd  Google 5th
  • Emotional Appeal – Amazon 1st
  • Social Responsibility – Google  5th

So they are at  the top in 5 of the 6 categories and hold 15 out of the 30 positions.  All of the 15 rankings are above the magic 80 excellent level.

There’s much more to digest in the report and it’s a good start to the 2013 Brand reporting season!

We’ll leave you with a link to their 5 minute video of their Executive Summary!

Disclosure: We have affiliate marketing arrangements with Amazon and Google.

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