Every little Blinking Box helps!

There are only 3 steps to getting the new ClubcardTV free service up and running on your PC or MAC and streaming free movies and TV shows. From the site:

  • Step 1 – enter your email address and a minimum 8 digit password in a couple of boxes
  • Step 2 – and now your title, name, date of birth and postcode that’s sort of another 7 boxes

and finally

  • Step 3 – Get employment with Tesco so you can get a “….Privilege Card number to access this exclusive service”

It’s that 10th blinking box that’s the problem!

Many are reporting today that Tesco has launched “ …. an internet film and TV streaming service called ClubcardTV” but others are more accurately saying it’s being trialled amongst Tesco employees.

The party line from Tesco is “We’re always looking for new ways to reward our customers’ loyalty. We’re trialling ClubcardTV with colleagues to get their feedback before rolling it out more widely.”

We guess one of the problems is that blinking promotional video which is plain for all to watch on their site.

It looks as if the registering of the trademark ClubcardTV has only recently got underway with a filing date of 17 January this year.

It potentially could be a great service although rumours indicate it may initially be limited to PC’s and MAC’s. If mobile devices follow we could see quite a takeup of ye olde Clubcard!

As to the timing of this inspired “leak” we’re sure there’s a joke there somewhere about “Only Fools and Horses”

The service if and when it gets rolled out to all Clubcard members will be provided via BlinkBox the 80% Tesco owned VOD service which you can pay for & join now. Here’s their promo video!


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