What’s IN a brand?

An international media grouping, inTV,  have just released some pan European research  (undertaken by InSites Consulting) entitled “How Brands Harness the power of Conversations with Transmitters”.

One of their main conclusions concerned Social Media. Their Chair Belinda Barker  comments ” …..it is a common misconception that social media is the golden bullet when it comes to generating buzz – only 10% of conversations about brands are online and this research shows that less than 5% are in social media. The vast majority of brand conversations are actually in the real world among real people.”

That may be so but one of the most interesting findings on the technology front, we thought, was its relatively strong showing throughout.

They broke their research into 6 categories:

  1. Airlines
  2. Banking
  3. Motors
  4. Smartphones/Tablets
  5. Travel Destinations
  6. Watches

and 118 of the major brands. They divided their online participants in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy equally between regular (at least once a week) International TV (inTV) viewers and non International TV viewers.

On the Conversations Frequency question Smartphones/Tablets was second to or equal with Banking on a daily weekly and monthly basis.

The top 10 Brands ranking across categories (excluding Country travel destinations) on Conversations in the last 4 weeks were:

  1. Apple – 70%
  2. Samsung – 53%
  3. Rolex – 42%
  4. Audi – 39%
  5. Air France – 38%
  6. British Airways – 36%
  7. Lufthansa – 35%
  8. Volkswagen – 35%
  9. BMW -34%
  10. Omega – 31%

Within the Smartphones/Tablets category the results were:

  1. Apple – 70%
  2. Samsung – 53%
  3. Blackberry – 17%
  4. Nokia – 16%
  5. HTC – 14%
  6. Sony Ericsson – 11%
  7. LG – 8%
  8. Acer – 6%
  9. Asus – 5%
  10. Motorola – 4%

We were slightly surprised not to see Amazon or Kindle but as the research was carried out in November December last yer possibly a little early (or maybe it wasn’t opn of the 118 included brands!)

On the positivity side Smartphones/Tablets didn’t fair so well coming in 5th place but well ahead of, you guessed it, in last place Banking!

On the Champions front (ie the heavyweight communicators/experts/convincers) Smartphones/Tablets came second to the Travel Destinations category.

Good marks on the transparency front for making the presentation available online. The full presentation follows and a pdf is also available together with an infographic (pdf) if you are so minded.

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