Keep an I on our week (Start the Year II edition)

Our top three articles this week were:

  1. Which is the UK’s most Romantic City – You decide
  2. Probably the Most Amazin’ Resume in the World 
  3. Primary and Secondary eSafety

If you want to get all the figures on last weekends Super Bowl and a link to some 88 of the 89 adverts there’s only one place to go!

A Golden Oldie which continues to get quite a lot of attention is Top Retailers and Online Sales 2012


Possibly one of the scoops of the internet week was Wired finding the Saudi Arabian drone base on Bing Maps, maybe!!!

Probably our favourite violinist Lindsey Stirling was in (London) town the week before last and performed Crystallize for Classic FM in a snowy Leicester Square which was rather nice although passers by didn’t show a great deal of interest!

Much more for you to enjoy over on her YouTube channel

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