Super Numerary Super Bowl XLVII

  • Viewers / in homes (millions) – 108.7 / 53,0 (nielsenwire)
  • Blackout viewers (millions) -106.6 (nielsenwire)
  • Tweets / Tweeters (millions) -  24.1 / 5.3 (twitter/nielsenwire)

In terms of advert numbers, from a little montage which the Huffington Post kindly got together, of the total 89, following a somewhat casual viewing, we identified 29 hashtag mentions, 6 Facebook credits and one each for Instagram and YouTube. Elsewhere on a national ads basis figures of 50%  with hashtags were quoted. This is reckoned to be up numerically from about a total of 8 last year for both Facebook & Twitter

Whatever Twitter seems to have been the social winner of  #SB47!

It’s the simplicity of Twitter that almost makes it inevitable. A #hashtag is not difficult to prominently incorporate in an advert. As part of the  dual screening process a hashtag is easy to identify, recollect & get into your mobile device to generate almost, endless additional entertainment and/or engagement!

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Interestingly Sysomos have come up with a similar “Keep it Simple” criteria for the hashtags themselves. Their counts have brand names ahead of the rest. We think that slogans/corporate strap lines might also find favour, although short may well become beautiful in that case!

During the unscheduled 34 minute power cut/ outage some of the advertisers were exceptionally quick off the mark, we thought, as did twitter who say on their blog” “Illustrating just how fast advertisers moved in: it took just four minutes for the first Promoted Tweet to appear against searches for [power outage] on Twitter.”




Lots of play on the black element of outage and allegedly Oreo won this little skirmish following their rather quick twitted reaction which was instantly retweeted widely round the twitterverse!

As far as the adverts themselves were concerned, costing allegedly between $3.75 – $4 million per 30 seconds, plaudits were plentiful for the Budweiser Clydesdales “Brotherhood” and Kia’s Space Babies. We were rather taken with the Dodge Bull advert. They used the deceased ABC radio networks broadcaster Paul Harvey’s  eulogy So God made a Farmer which he originally delivered in 1978.

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Oh and the Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers 34-31

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