Primary and Secondary e-safety

Safer Internet Day, organised by The Safer Internet Centre , is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary today. The slogan for the day, and the future, is “Connect with Respect”.

As part of the days events the results of the widest ever UK research survey conducted amongst both primary (aged 7-11) and secondary (aged 11-19) school children has been released. The project was called “Have your say”and involved over 24,000 participants.

One of the primary objectives was to produce a  Charter of “Rights & Responsibilities” for the two groups and the results are in!

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One result we couldn’t but help notice was the “Who do I tell…..?” graph. Just look at those purple and green lines! Maybe whatever the qualifying subject of such a question was, the results might be similar, but it is still scary. Perhaps we adults need some education on this and other fronts!

Arguably the Surveys main  conclusion, is worth quoting in full.

“Children and young people take part in a vast array of activities to connect with others online, using social networks, instant messengers and webcams, across a range of devices. This provides a fantastic opportunity for communication, creativity and discovery online, but can expose young people to the potential risks of Conduct, Content, Contact and Commercialism.”

Certainty the internet is a “fantastic opportunity” and children need to be educated and learn about the risks there are in life and how to avoid/minimise them.

There are numerous activities to get involved in / goodies to be obtained from their site and details of  their 300+ supporters   including, quite rightly, Nominet.

Have your Say” survey

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