Probably the most amazin’ resume in the world!

In an attempt to generate interest and stand out from the crowd an ingenious and somewhat talented web product manager Phillipe Dubost has created a very impressive résumé which he has published on his website

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In the above, very professional, Amazon look-alike page he has in addition to the serious content retained, we think, an admirable sense of humour with gems such as:

  • Product dimensions – height 186cm
  • List price $999,999
  • Only 1 left in stock – Order soon
  • Shipping: This item is available for shipping anywhere in the world!
  • Gift-wrap available (frustration-free breathable packaging)
  • Search  Job Candidates

Try the search box for all the standard Amazon search categories but on their selection prepare yourself for a surprise!

There are also some clever personalised product links.

Links take you to contact forms and his traditional Linkedin pages.

It looks as if he is already inspiring some others to follow his precedent, so as to speak, and we see a UK counterpart has gone down a Windows 8 route! The possibilities are endless!

Phillipe’s site he reckons had in excess of 1,000,000 visitors through February 1 which is most impressive and the  interest generated is phenomenal with TV slots etc etc

From our limited research the site  now ranks on (Amazon’s) Alexa as  # 43,706, in traffic rank terms, world wide and 9,997 in the US.

We expect Jeff Bezos was highly amused!

We will end with a couple of tweets which we rather liked. There will be many more we’re sure on his twitter feed.

Disclosure: We have affiliate marketing arrangements with Amazon but no position!

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