Keep an I on our week (Black and white edition)

Our top three articles this week were:

  1. Twitter and the growth of the active passive user
  2. Tablets – > 50 million shipped, iPad < 50% market share 
  3. Retailers get online and export or die

Probably the technology story of the week was the all touch Blackberry Z10 announcement. We’ll leave Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal to go through all the pros (a terrific virtual keyboard) and cons (not all the apps) but for once, and we don’t quite understand why you can buy it now in the UK  but not until March in the US. Some talk about guinea pigs we heard somewhere!

We found the most interesting part of their release the name change from Research in Motion (RIM) to BlackBerry.

We are now looking forward to the following conversions:

  • Nexus for Google
  • Windows for Microsoft
  • Galaxy for Samsung
  • Kindle for Amazon

And finally – roll on drums – our favourite

  • i for Apple

Whilst we’re in this black and white world we have had drawn to our attention, a sort of old school but brought up to date, version of the quill and ink variety of letter writing. Rather than a dying art it’s been reinvented by/as Lettrs.  We’ll leave it to them to provide all the details but we really loved the option they hope to introduce at a later date of sending the letter on real paper!

Finally we’ll leave you with the real black & white winner of the week soon we understand to appear at the Oscars ceremony Disney’s clever animation film Paperman.

We loved it, enjoy!

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