Creating a digital friend

CREATe  was formally launched in Glasgow yesterday and are having their first conference today

It is:

  • the Research Councils UK (RCUK) research centre for copyright and new business models in the creative economy.
  • a pioneering academic initiative designed to help the UK cultural and creative industries thrive and become innovation leaders within the global digital economy.
  • an abbreviation of Creativity, Regulation, Enterprise and Technology.

It has £5 million funding through 2016 via three research councils and is effectively a joint venture between Glasgow (where it is based), Edinburgh, Nottingham, East Anglia, St Andrews, Strathclyde, and London (Goldsmiths) Universities. It developed its agenda in conjunction with the Intellectual Property Office, NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) and the Technology Strategy Board . They also have 80 partners including M & S and Talk Talk.

Its raison d’être is given as “The UK has probably the largest creative sector in the world relative to GDP, accounting for over 6% of the overall economy and contributing around £60bn per annum. CREATe will examine the business, regulatory and cultural infrastructure of the cultural and creative industries by exploring cutting-edge questions around digitisation, copyright, and innovation in the arts and technology.”

Their Deputy Director Professor Lilian Edwards said “”There are two strands to our work really. One is, we are going to look at the law of copyright and try to make it ‘fit for purpose’ in the digital world.  “But, on the other hand, we are also going to look at new business models, new ways of making money for the creative industries – and new ways to incentivise creation by, for example, ordinary people like you and me.”

“One of the leading streams in the CREATe project is going to be to regard technology not just as a disruptive force, which we are going to study, but as a friend, and there are many new technological aids coming through.”

They will have circa 40 separate projects which they have categorised under seven interrelated themes:

  1. Good, Bad and Emergent Business Models
  2. Openness and Open Business Models
  3. Regulation and Enforcement
  4. Creators and Performers: Process and Copyright
  5. Intermediaries and Platforms
  6. User Creation, User Behaviour and Community Norms
  7. Human Rights and Public Interest

Within each theme there are between 2 and 7 projects each with a lead institution and investigator so eg a project within the first theme is Managing Intellectual Property Assets for Creative SMEs (Part 2) “This project provides an analysis of Intellectual Property management issues arising from the use of innovative design methods by SMEs for product/service development.”

It looks as if it could well be an interesting and useful resource and as a sort of taster they have provided their First working paper – “What constitutes evidence for copyright policy?”  including an innovative digital resource!

We rather liked the logo and if not already underway suggest that it is worth registering. Our very superficial look at, and review of the “competition” on the IPO register, would, in impact terms put it up there with the best, in fact it probably would lead the field.  Search type – select “exact” Text – type “create.

Now onto the domain name. On the front it looks as if a New Zealand registrant might be prepared to release for a price!  The .org .uk is actively in use by the Create, climate change, charity.  So it looks like they may have to stay with Janet!

They’re on Twitter of course  @copyrightcentre  and to catch up on their launch (which was live streamed) you could try searching on #CreateLaunch or for the latest perhaps just #CREATe !

We’ll leave you with their “Talking Heads” video

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