Tablets > 50 million shipped, iPad < 50% Market Share

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IDC  have just released their Quarter 4 2012 Preliminary worldwide shipment estimates.

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It really was a bumper quarter as many had been signalling possibly some 25% above many forecasts which were around the 40 million level.

Apple of course lead the field but at 43.6% market share are well below previous levels and loosing some of their domination. Samsung lead the pack with Microsoft and Barnes & Noble disappointing, together with Asus/Nexus to a much lesser extent.



We’ve done one of our annual tables and, possibly even more than usual, we would add our health warnings! Many figures are revised and not generally available so there is likely a few little inconsistencies and many omissions.

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Having said all that it is interesting.

Clearly for the year the top vendors  with market share are:

  1. Apple 53.5%
  2. Samsung 14.3%
  3. Amazon 8.6%
  4. Asus 5.7%

The top 3 positions are likely unchanged on 2011

The growth in the quarter is up there with the highest ever and the year on year 2012 v’s 2011 at 72% is incredible!

On the market share front it’s interesting to see that, largely due to increased product introductions and new entrants Samsung’s market share actually fell in the last quarter.

According to IDC this is the second quarter where Apple have been below the 50% market share level which is something we were predicting last year. The only obvious winner in Q4 v’s Q3 was Amazon. The other 4 majors lost ground and whilst Barnes & Noble improved they have expressed their disappointment with their Nook sales. Other at 22% of the Q4 total shows the myriad number of vendors out there including ahem Microsoft!

Elsewhere IHS iSuppli in an interview with CNET have Microsoft Surface shipments at the higher level of 1.25 million but sales of only 700K – 800K. They talk of channel shipments etc etc but during Q4 we think Microsoft were only selling through their own outlets (including their US pop up stores) so are marginally surprised at the difference between sales and shipments. With both IDC and IHS iSuppli indicating shipments around the million mark Microsoft are likely hugely disappointed with these volumes.

We’ve done as very rough ready and inaccurate assessment of iPad mini v’s iPad maxi volumes and reckon the sales are much less than many were predicting and under 30% of the 22.9 million total. We’ll await more researched figures with interest!

Anyway all very interesting info and more to come as, at least Apple, gear up for the next lesser spendfest. We wonder who will win the Valentine wars which are starting earlier every year we think!

Other vendors will also be advertising their (tablet) wares and we will inform you of their offerings form time to time!





Another iChart to finish off the colour clashes!


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