Keep an I on our week (Igloos and Apples edition)

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Our top three articles this week were:

  1. The iTones they are a-Changin’
  2. Extra extra watch all about it 
  3. Supremely Transparent Court on Camera 

and for a look at Apple’s quarterly results in some depth we have provided possibly  more detail than you need here!

Now about those igloos and the polar bears! A couple of weeks ago we mentioned a rather obtuse local landmark (the Seven Sisters). Well during our white-out some pretty ingenious individuals built an, operational, igloo and decorated it with some rather well drawn slogans right in the middle of the new Seven Sisters.

Like many such structure by yesterday it had collapsed. Some say snow structures of any form will reduce the flood risk but others disagree!

This igloo craze even got some local publicity – they certainly make a great, if somewhat temporary, dog kennel!


Apple results sort of dominated the financial week and during Friday it lost it’s ranking as the  largest (by market value) company in the world. So if we all stop buying petrol from Exxon and instead buy devices from Apple the situation could soon be rectified!

In other news Generation Y got a reminder from Microsoft of what the world used to be like back in the good old 90’s.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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