Smartphones killing feature in global 2012 shipments

Unsurprisingly following Apple’s earnings release, including detailed product sales, IDC and Strategy Analytics  have both just released their Q4 2012 global smartphone shipment estimates (in IDC’s case also including feature phones).

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Both agree that Samsung won both the quarter and the year and in fact are remarkably close with a difference of only 2.8 million on the year (IDC just ahead with 215.8 million of Strategy Analytics with 213 million).

Annual total figures differ somewhat with Strategy Analytics at 700 million and IDC at 545 million.

Strategy Analytics credit Samsung with a record of shipping the greatest number of  smartphones ever in a year beating Nokia’s previous record of 100 million back in 2010. We reckon Apple move into second place with 135.8 million last year

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IDC reckon smartphone shipments nearly overtook featured in Q4 at 219.4 v’s 263.1 million which is again quite impressive being 45% of the total. It’s only a matter of time.

We noted that Apple cumulatively since the iPhone was  introduced in 2007 have now sold over 300 million (we make it 318.9). Samsung shipped according to both our forecasters around 310 million in the last 2 years and now overtakes Apple as the leading global supplier.

The comment we, and several others, liked most of all comes from Strategy Analytics with it’s “killer” quote:

Nokia‘s Windows Phone portfolio has improved significantly in recent months, with new models like the Lumia 920, but we believe the vendor still lacks a true hero model in its range that can be considered an Apple iPhone or Samsung S3 killer.”

So the wars continue!

We’ll leave you with a rather garish chart from our favourite chart company!


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