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Sky yesterday announced an interesting add-on to their Sky Go facility. For the non Sky addicts subscribers Sky Go basically lets any subscriber watch their paid for channels on a maximum of two extra devices (mobile or fixed) at no extra cost to their monthly subscription.

The new addition, inspiringly called, Sky Go Extra lets you also download  programmes to these devices to watch at a later time/date (up to 30 days we understand) AND (both big & bold!) you can now have up to four devices (although  streaming content on only two at the same time seems a bit restrictive). It comes at a (small) cost though – £5 a month!

This facility could we feel almost replace squabbling over the remote as the most favoured family pastime! Parents get major bragging rights for their tablet OR smartphone. Unlikely both unless they are childless! Every child we suggest over the age of X (complete according to your personal experience) has a smartphone and increasingly from the age of Y will also have a tablet.

“The launch of the new service builds on the success of Sky Go, which offers Sky customers access to live and on demand programmes and films from up to 43 channels on a wide range of internet-connected devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets and games consoles. Sky Go now attracts more than 3 million unique users each quarter.”

Movies are an obvious attraction and Sky are not beyond a bit of a cheap shot as part  of  their self promotion …..”Launching today, Sky Go Extra lets customers download the latest blockbuster films from Sky Movies as well as shows from channels such as Sky 1 and Sky Atlantic to watch when and where they want, without the need for a WiFi or 3G/4G connection. For just £5 per month, Sky customers will be able to choose from hundreds of Hollywood films to download, including Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Avengers Assemble and Pirates In An Adventure with Scientists.” hmmm No mention of HMV or Jessops though!

You can read all about it in their Press release or on the sign up page for Sky Go Extra.

Apparently it looks as if the first 2 months are free for all addicts  subscribers but you all know that there’s no such thing as a free …….

Sky current subscriber broadband and other figures

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