Supremely Transparent Court on Camera

The Supreme Court today have put up on their dedicated YouTube channel “Video of the five-minute summary given by the lead Justice in each appeal ……”

In future the  judgements will appear “shortly after delivery in court” with, they anticipate, the first two current judgments appearing on Wednesday joining “….. the  back catalogue of 25 judgments from the last legal term (October – December 2012) made public today.”

They already have an informative website with, we found, remarkably ready access to both decided and current cases  together with the court sittings.

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The sittings are already live streamed in conjunction with Sky.

Elsewhere whilst applauding this transparency some are looking to have video transcripts of full hearings (as do Brazil apparently) up on YouTube. You can even vote on it here if you are so inclined .

At this stage The Supreme Court are ahem reserving judgement on that one!

“Due to the length of Supreme Court hearings and the additional technical resources needed to make these available online in a similar way, there are no immediate plans to archive entire appeal hearings, though demand for the new service will be closely monitored.”

You can though tweet them on the subject and even engage with their 27,179 followers.

We also rather liked their emblem/logo which they explain as follows:

“The emblem combines four heraldic elements, equally represented in the design, reflecting the jurisdictions within the United Kingdom:

  • England: a symmetrical five-petalled wild rose, with stalk and leaves, an English symbol since the Tudor dynasty
  • Wales: the green leaves of a leek, deriving from the medieval legend that St David ordered his Welsh soldiers to wear leeks on their helmets during a battle against the Saxons
  • Scotland: a purple thistle, associated with the tradition that an early Scottish army was saved when barefooted Viking invaders stepped on prickly thistles in the dark, crying out in pain and waking the defenders
  • Northern Ireland: a light blue five-petalled flax flower, representing the linen-weaving industry which was so valuable that nineteenth century Belfast was known as ‘Linenopolis’”

We’re impressed and will leave you with one of the judgements just to give you a flavour of what’s to come!

Press release The Supreme Court

Credit (for the second element of our headline) – The Supreme Court!

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