ITV’s colour picking, finger lickin’, transformational logo!

ITV  yesterday launched the rebranding of all their activities. The logo, originally announced back in November comes with  a unifying “mother “ version as the primary brand identifier together with colour variants for channels,  programmes and “idents” (“branded segments between programmes over which announcers give information about the schedule).” There are six channels a couple of permanent programmes (news and sport) and an infinite number of programmes and idents. Over at YouTube  we counted 19 idents so far with undoubtedly zillions more to follow. We hope they’ve got a “lots of snow and frost” one!

“The rebrand has been produced in-house by ITV Creative, who have worked with external specialists to realise designs. ITV Creative developed the new adaptable ITV logo, in collaboration with design specialist Matt Rudd, and type specialists Fontsmith .”

The “mother” brand, which is our header, is, sort of, generic and covers ITV (previously ITV1), their corporate side together with the ITV PLAYER. Then there are all the little children (channels and permanent programmes). They each have their own colour and positioning so:

  • ITV is at the “heart of popular culture” and is mother!
  • ITV2 is “the home of infectious entertainment” in hot red
  • ITV3 is the “keeper of ITV’s treasured and timeless drama” in midnight blue
  • ITV4 is the “home of sport and cult classics” in slate grey
  • CITV is for “wickedly playful kids stuff” in sort of mother orange designed by kids and developed into animated C-Creatures
  • ITV national & regional news in royal blue
  • ITV Sport is fresh green
  • ITV PLAYER is mother logo across all platforms ie both mobile and static devices
  • ITV hd is mother logo with hd in a little circle (that’s our description by the way)!

Now we hope you’ve all concentrating because we will be asking questions in a future post!

We see that on the trademark front ITV Rights Limited have numerous (we found 27 on a preliminary search) applications underway for registration of the new logo. On at least one there are six separately coloured images submitted. “Progress delayed” is the categorisation on quite a few of the submissions. We wonder if the colour variants might be a delaying factor as they do tend towards infinity. More likely its something straightforward like an objection from someone somewhere!

For the historians out there this is how their logo has developed over time at both the, sort of, corporate and operational/channel levels.

What strikes us is the, almost mandatory, three letter naming of the majority of broadcasters.

So over here:

  • BBC
  • SKY
  • ITV

And over there:

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • CNN
  • Fox
  • NBC

Overall we rather like the softer new logo which initially got a rather negative reception from some.

It’s lucky they don’t have to register a domain name for each colour variant although we see that ITV1. 3 and 4’s seem to be registered by other than ITV companies. Their main one, is registered to ITV Consumer Ltd.

On the logo description front ITV go with the populist “colour picking” but Fontsmith have the more artistic “colour-shifting” and we couldn’t resist a little rhyming couplet of good old Colonel Sanders!

We’ll leave you with their explanatory video, so please concentrate as …..

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ITV Press release

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