Let’s go phygital with the Lenovo IdeaCentre horizon

Phygital  attracts but IdeaCentre Horizon is a real mouthful. Lenovo surely can improve on the name for its 27″ multi-user, multimode, multitouch Table PC. We would say it’s closer to a tablet. In fact that’s our starter name the Table – T!

Anyway it was demonstrated in Las Vegas in the lead up to the CES  exhibition and got pretty well covered in comment including some from our very own Daily Mail.

Lenovo have it up on their US site but nothing over here yet. It has a sort of software overlay(called Aura) in table mode which then converts to Windows 8 in desktop mode. (Name 2 Tablaura!) The price is around $1,700 and it should be arriving over there in the summer.

For starters here’s the Lenovo promotional video

It’s not a new concept and  got a previous mention by us,  at Microsoft tablet launch time last year. There was, possibly the first version in  2007 introduced by that nice Mr Bill Gates which has been recorded on video for posterity. It was called Surface!

We think the concept is sound but our initial thoughts have come up with some of these additions/enhancements:

  • Converts to a TV in upright or angular mode rather than a desktop (connected of course)
  • Make it quite a bit bigger maybe 42”
  • Extend the battery life to > 2 hours!
  • Ensure it’s super ruggedised
  • House it permanently on some stunning base reflecting perhaps Bang & Olufsen‘s  style
  • Additional physical accessories over & above the joysticks and dice  eg snooker/pool cues, handles for table football and an electronic pack of cards etc etc
  • & most importantly lots of screen protectors to allow for children and some messy adults!!
  • Provide comprehensive insurance – certainly for the 7.7kg “portable” current version!

Elsewhere comments have been made about the possibly limited games that may be available. This we think is critical as it appears to us to be ideal (in our larger version) for multiplayer games. Monopoly we think would be wicked but then as explained previously we are not “proper” gamers.

So for the main course here’s the (rather [background] noisy) hands on video from CES – we’re impressed so now it’s all down to Lenovo to come up with a better name and Apple or Bang & Olufsen to produce the goods. We shall wait & see what develops!


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