Trust izik to Play with an Apple

Blekko the search engine specialists we talked about last year have just launched, we think, a very appealing tablet orientated search app Izik (pronounced eye-zic which of course attracted us immediately!).

Screen shot - we added the statue! Click to

The name is a play on Isaac Newton apparently so we couldn’t resist following their lead!

Available free, in all the right places ie Google‘s Play store and Apple’s app store, it’s definitely worth downloading. If you’re separated from your tablet you can have a look & get a feel for it at the website which of course involves clicking rather than swiping.

Its got the look of some of the more elegant news reader apps like pulse .

The Izik words say “Content on izik is presented in various categories to allow for minimal typing and to provide context to results. Look up “Jennifer Lopez” and see results under the categories of Lyrics, Gossip, and Perfume. Search for “Lincoln” and see not only movie times, but also sites organized under Reviews, History, and Cars — all accessible with a tap of your fingertip. Use izik to meander your way through your favorite subjects and discover more!”

They reckon you can “Type less, get more” which of course is what we all want. They encourage you to “Join us in taking search for a joy ride!”

On the  Blekko blog on Friday they said “For example; if you want to search for the Windows Phone 8, the app will bring up the categories like tech websites, tech news, Windows Phone related websites. Similarly when you type ‘Katy Perry’ in the search box, the app will offer the categories like music-websites, Katy Perry’s albums, gossips etc. Izik search built app is based on the categorization technology.

Talking about the dynamic interface of the app, Blekko CEO Rich Skrenta says, “this interface “really blows up” the idea that users are only going to look at few search results, because Izik makes it so easy to see many scroll down or swipe through many more results””.

Anyway we encourage you all to have a look & give it a try – we think it might just be a big winner!

Here’s the sort of teaser video and of course twitter  & facebook presences are up and running.

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