Keep an I on our week (start the year edition)

Our top article in this somewhat shortened week:

            and for the nostalgic here’s our look back at 2012

The National Geographic photo contest winners 2012 is worth a look. The “Places” winner did it for us!

Elsewhere someone pointed out that the year 2013 was the first this century containing 4 different numerals in fact we think the previous such year might have been 1987! Thirteen’s obviously a major player in the numbers game!

Which, sort of, brings us back to our weather (dry with some blue sky – so far so good this year!) where the Met Office confirmed that  there was ONLY 1330.7 mm of UK rainfall last year compared to the 1981-2010 average of 1,154mm with the winner being the  millennium year at 1337.3mm. At nearly 4½  feet that’s a lot of water!

In other news Apple are due to announce their holiday quarter results on January 23 which we look forward to. Samsung seems to be doing rather well on the smartphone front but we doubt whether this will cause Apple to unveil an iPhone mini. Whatever  next – mini Mac’s & miniscule iPods!

Looks as if  Barnes & Noble‘s Nook had a disappointing Christmas season on both the tablet and ereader fronts in spite of setting up in the UK. It’s such a crowded market place now and being one of the pack in tablets and likely a poor second in the declining ereader market both of which are tough places to be!

As the Nominet consultation draws to a close (Monday January 7 – midnight we presume) we have one final unmissable offer that the first 4 respondents today, 3 tomorrow and 3 on Monday will go into a draw for an Ashes ticket for the first Test at TrentBridge on July 10 (location details). So that’s a 10/1 chance so go visit our Prize Draw page over the weekend or on Monday – you know it makes sense!

Continuing the nostalgia theme we’ll leave you with a last century Labi Siffre great!

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