The 3:11:61 Predictions!

For the mathematicians amongst you these are the prime factors of 2013!

So after much peering into the rather cloudy corporate crystal ball we think we can foresee:

  1. iPad Mini’s outselling iPad (Maxi’s) by a 60/40 ratio & new updates arriving (sooner) for the Mini and (rather later) for the Maxi.
  2. Kindle Fire and Nexus tablets battling it out for second place, to you know who, in the global marketplace throughout the year with the Microsoft Surface making little impact achieving a market share well below 5%
  3. Tablet sales closing on desktops, laptops etc numerically but not overtaking them. Most netbooks will disappear
  4. Apple’s market share for tablets being below 50% for the year
  5. Apple introducing both an iWatch and a (proper) TV in the second half of the year which will not be called the iTV
  6. Apple selling over 150 million iPhones whilst Windows phones won’t!
  7. Nook divorcing totally from Barnes & Noble gaining further additional shareholders over and above the historic Microsoft (16.8%) and the newly announced Pearson (5%)  who will exercise their option taking them up to 10%
  8. Mobile internet access overtaking fixed access during the year with “mobile” becoming the most used word on the internet followed closely by “things”!
  9. Twitter not having an IPO but may add tablets other than the iPad to its (rather Applecentric) log out screen!
  10. Some of ICANN‘s new gTLD’s being used during the year but not causing general disruption.
  11. Nominet quietly shelving their proposals but introducing a set of additional features for their third level domains with .uk New registrations in the year being around 1.75 million
  12. England retaining the Ashes in the UK & being well on the way to  completing the rout in Australia by 31 December.
  13. UK overall rainfall in 2013 being less than the 1981-2010 average of 1,154mm and well below this years near record of over 1,330 mm. That’s a staggering 4 foot 4 inches in old money! (Updated 3 January – unbelievably last year was only the second wettest year ever at 1330.7 mm v’s 2000′s 1337.3 – we demand a recount!)

Now for a very brief review of our 2012 predictions which might be summarised as consisting of some mini successes, many 10” failures and omissions a plenty!

With a bit of poetic licence and wearing our corporate rose tinted  3D glasses we reckon we had a  success rate of around 33%. [Room for improvement here - ed.]

Mini successes were iPad 2 & 3 continuing to be sold alongside one another and .uk registrations being less than 2 million. We also reckon we were half right in three other cases!

Anyway onwards & upwards!

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