Keep an I on our Year (2012 edition)


The top 10 visited articles in the year were:

  1. The UK Leads the World Again (March 20)
  2. Dire dotuk registrations in third quarter and worsening (November 20)
  3. How Smart is Your Home (June 29)
  4. Will Social TV Ratings Cross the Atlantic (December 18) 
  5. Weak registrations in October – dotuk domain cliff approaches as new Nominet COO/Director appointed (December 13)
  6. The gTLD lottery and an internet champion (December 17)
  7. e Smartphones & iTV’s in the 2nd Half of 2013? (December 12)
  8. The New iPad (April 24)
  9. Why buy a PadFone or a tablet? (August 7)
  10. Have you been Amazonkd Bangld or Scroogled? (November 29)

Strictly speaking we should also have included our coverage of Apple’s quarterly results, the US Presidential election results and our livestreaming of certain days from LeWeb but we’ll simply credit them as our favourite conference, election and US company of the year! Our roll of honour would not be complete without Jeff Bezos the Business person of the year.


Our most visited weekly roundup, which we introduced during the year, was the Ashes & Middle Earth edition of  December 8.  and one of our favourite header graphics was our spiders web!

We will early in the new year review our last years predictions and likely embarrass ourselves yet again by getting out the corporate chrystal ball!.

Last click to of the year!

The product of the year has to be the iPad mini  and our start up company is SmartThings.

The somewhat bizarre local story of the year concerns the Pen Park hole! It was investigated by  local MP Charlotte Leslie earlier this month.  Our picture is of the ahem entrance which is in the middle of a copse. Just goes to show that appearances can be deceptive! Steve Sharp’s slideshow is impressive although the sunset is not local!



So having got to the images and video reviews we suppose we have to record the billionth play of Gangnam Style (in fact as of now it stands at 1,034,622,613). We were so impressed by the HMV Nipper videos that we set up our own channel but they seem to be slowing down a bit with the last one appearing on December 15 entitled The Hangover – hope that’s not a prediction!

Here’s a compendium of some of the years top UK videos.


We will finish 2012 by thanking you for visiting us during the year and wishing you all a traditional Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year when we hope to greet you again!


  1. You may have watched NORAD  tracking Santa around the world! He delivered 7,060,919,100 gifts!
  2. Over Christmas you may have seen the first screening of “The Snowman and the Snowdog” on Channel 4. If not here’s a link to the Channel 4 VOD where you can watch it in the UK  -unfortunately, but unsurprisingly we can’t put the video up on our site. There is also a fascinating background programme (again a channel 4 VOD How The Snowman came Back to Life)  showing how the animation was created interspersed with an extended interview with Raymond Briggs the author/illustrator of the original Snowman picture book.
  3.  We were impressed with the NEW Snowman. Here’s the song Light the Night by Andy Burrows with a few more excerpts.
  4. After the festivities why not relax and respond to Nominet’s lovely .uk doamainspace proposals HO HO!

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