Keep an I on our week (almost last chance edition)

Our top three articles this week were

  1. The gTLD Lottery and an Internet Champion
  2. Will Social TV Ratings cross the Atlantic 
  3. Top Ten for Coke & Apple partners Pepsi

It’s almost our last chance to maximise the spendfest this weekend and push up those retail sales which are flagging on the high street and slowing down online if the ONS is to be believed.

Over there it seems to be going pretty well with their first ever online $7 billion retail spend week proving they haven’t gone over the cliff  yet although it is approaching!. comScore’s weekly figures provide all the detail.

Over here our atrocious weather continues and the high street is allegedly trying to persuade us to brave it and spend £6 billion over the weekend with “ up to 70% discounts” hmmmmmm on what we wonder!

Prize for worst headline of the week goes to The Guardian for:

Prize for the most interesting/unbelievable tablet tale

Talking of prizes … Once you have contributed your final £’s to the annual spendfest why not take part in our prize draw & turn your thoughts to winning a summery first day Ashes ticket for next year – Go on give it a try.

We will close with our arts section:

  1.  Poetry –  A very viral Christmas (Classification {theirs} slightly NSFW)


  1. Music – What Child is This Lindsey Stirling (Classification {ours} brilliant)

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