Have a first look at doddlr in case the world ends

Interesting Social Media Dashboard being launched at doddlr.

It claims users can “… access all their social networks and emails through one simple dashboard. Currently, users can connect accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube, with other services are expected to join them shortly.”

You should go to https://www.doddlr.com to have a look & decide if you want to sign up (subject to their T & C’s) or a  window is provided from their  PRWeb Press Release

The founders are a couple of UK teenagers who describe doddlr as follows:

“Although on the surface Doddlr appears just to be an entertainment dashboard, there is a greater ethos behind it. Constructed with an eye on the most recent content, less emphasis has been placed yesterday’s news. There are no timelines or walls, this gives the user the ability to be the person they want to be each and every day, without influence from the past.”

Sai Eccles

“Throughout development we had to turn down a lot of great features that would have diversified the site. As difficult as this was, we tried hard not to keep adding features that would ultimately change the feel of the site.”

Jack Halstead:

Their short launch video outlining its features is worth a look but we suggest turning the volume down as Chronicles of a Fallen Love by The Bloody Beetroots is impressive but generates rather a large number of decibels at times!


Here’s a, not much, longer, but considerably quieter, version!

In the meantime we see from some of the details on the site that Doodlr International Limited whose terms you are signing up to is registered in Mauritius! Interesting! Apparently “Jack’s godmother works in corporate registration there” is the rationale. Block 77 is another of their ventures.

Now we will end with a reassuring video from Nasa about the possibility of today never ending if you see what we mean! At least, we thought, you could let the kids watch it!

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