Will Social TV Ratings cross the Atlantic?

Nielsen & Twitter have just  announced “ … an exclusive multi-year agreement to create the “Nielsen Twitter TV Rating” for the US market. Under this agreement, Nielsen and Twitter will deliver a syndicated-standard metric around the reach of the TV conversation on Twitter, slated for commercial availability at the start of the fall 2013 TV season.”

Shame it’s initially only in the US because as Nielsen rightly say “ …. Twitter is the pre-eminent source of real-time television engagement data.”  Twitter unsurprisingly concur! “Twitter has become the world’s digital water cooler, where conversations about TV happen in real time.”

“The Nielsen Twitter TV Rating will enhance the social TV analytics and metrics available today from SocialGuide by adding the first-ever measurement of the total audience for social TV activity – both those participating in the conversation and those who were exposed to the activity –providing the precise size of the audience and effect of social TV to TV programming.

SocialGuide, recently acquired by Nielsen and NM Incite, currently captures Twitter TV activity for all U.S. programming across 234 TV channels in English and Spanish, and more than 36,000 programs.  Through a sophisticated classification process, SocialGuide matches Tweets to TV programs to offer key social TV metrics including the number of unique Tweets associated with a given program and rankings for the most social TV programs. “The Nielsen Twitter TV Rating will serve to complement Nielsen’s existing TV ratings, giving TV networks and advertisers the real-time metrics required to understand TV audience social activity.”

“The proliferation of smartphones and tablets has generated a substantial ‘connected’ TV audience that is simultaneously watching television and accessing the Internet through these devices. This, in turn, will continue to create the opportunity for content providers * to offer engaging interactive features for our viewers.  As this form of viewer engagement evolves into a mainstream activity, it presents ways * to enhance the viewing experience for our viewers and our advertisers.  We are already engaged with Nielsen and Twitter in a program of research and experimentation in this exciting new area,” (We edited out *CBS as it applies to any content provider)

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Which, sort of neatly brings us to comScore’s recent research on EU and UK smartphone usage.  The UK comes out in second place (to Spain) with 62.3% of all mobile users having smartphones.

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In the UK Apple still, just, leads the suppliers ahead of Samsung with Blackberry a distant third.  Android of course has a significant lead on the operating system front with no major move from Windows yet.

So all that’s left for us to do now is pick up the phone turn on the TV & start Tweeting! Oh & by the way by 2016 85% of us will be buying a connected TV according to Gartner!

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