A gTLD lottery and an internet champion

UPDATE December 18 – The results are in and MICROSOFT (475) wins ahead of  SAMSUNG (671) and APPLE (948) with AMAZON (1,156) and GOOGLE (1,545) well down the field.

ICANN‘s new gTLD prioritisation draw (provisional ) results (pdf).

On a local note CYMRU (244) was way ahead of WALES (807) pushing SCOT (1,453) down into third place!

ICANN are holding a, what we regard as rather bizarre, draw at 1pm PST ( 9pm GMT) today amongst the 1930 applicants for the new gTLD’s. They say it “ … is an equitable and fair way to order the release of initial evaluation results for all new gTLD applications. The Draw will determine the order by which applications move through the remaining stages of the program.”

Here’s a listing (and the current status) of the 1,930 applications ranging from Amazon (bit of a dispute already brewing here) through Cymru/ Wales (being organised by our very own Nominet who have a rather choice consultation on the Celtic addition(s )) to WTF. Bit of poetic licence has been adopted as  the first and last are actually AAAand Zulu! If you are of a statistical bent they also have included some fairly helpful analyses.

Unsurprisingly the objection period has been extended by a couple of months to March 2013. So there’s still time if you want to participate!

The prioritisation draw is being streamed live and once available  we will add it here a little nearer the time!


Live streaming by Ustream

Age Concern are running their  fourth Internet Champion of the Year Competition and entries are required by 10 January 2013. Full details are here.

Here’s their video


We of course have our very own Prize draw re Nominets other consultation on the .UK domainspace which we encourage you to enter.

Here are a couple of recent Guardian Media Network articles on this topic (and a comment – with possibly another on the way)!

Phil Kingsland is Nominet’s Director of (ie he is not a main board director) Marketing and Communications

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