Keep an I on our week (Only x Days to go edition)

Our top three articles this week were:

  1. Weak registrations in October – dotuk domain cliff approaches as new Nominet COO / director appointed 
  2. e Smartphones and i TV’s in the 2nd half of 2013? 
  3. What in the World have we been searching for

X equals:

    • 23 days to respond to Nominet’s consultation either by the express route or via our prize draw version (remember an Ashes ticket is up for grabs)
    • 11 days for Nipper & Gramophone to save HMV
    • 10 days before you can get (some) FREE music from Apple if you sign up for the all new iTunes version11
    • 8 days before the all NEW Snowman & Snowdog  screens on Channel 4 at 8pm

and finally

    • 9 days to Christmas!

On the Apple front a rather fascinating bit of gossip / research  has emerged from, a usually reliable source, Display Search  via CNET  indicating that iPad mini sales are, to use an Apple phrase, off the charts, and now exceeding the maxi version. Figures of 12 million mini’s are being quoted for the quarter which from a, sort of, standing start would be quite exceptional. We are 7” fans and whilst the mini is bigger than our Nexus 7 it is still, in our view a lot handier than the maxi iPad!

Talking of charts we along with several million others have had out iTunes invitation to download their 12 days of Christmas app (iPhone and iPad). Not quite sure about their 12 days definition though!

We will leave you with the trailer for the all NEW Snowman & Snowdog.The 24 minute film should not be missed (Christmas eve Channel 4 8pm). Believe it or not Snowman is celebrating his 30th birthday. Both they and HMV with Nipper (now 6 Christmas Tales on our Nipper Channel by the way!) are out to convert another generation. We think they both deserve to succeed!

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