What in the World have we been searching for?

Google have now fully updated their Zeitgeist pages with their 2012 search results and have details of the most popular from 55 different countries and the World. They have numerous categories of searches and a wealth of fascinating information.

We will simply show a limited selection of the overall most popular searches for the World some English Speaking countries and the BRIC countries, leaving you with Google’s introductory video. We do encourage you to explore!

Google  Searches 2012
World UK USA Australia
1 Whitney Houston Euro 2012 Whitney Houston Gangnam Style
2 Gangnam Style Olympic tickets Hurricane Sandy The Voice
3 Hurricane Sandy Whitney Houston Election 2012 One Direction
4 iPad 3 Kate Middleton Hunger Games Whitney Houston
5 Diablo 3 April Jones Jeremy Lin Olympics
6 Kate Middleton Netflix Olympics 2012 Oz Lotto
7 Olympics 2012 Natwest Online Amanda Todd Diablo 3
8 Amanda Todd iPad 3 Gangnam Style Hurricane Sandy
9 Michael Clarke Duncan Gary Barlow Michael Clarke Duncan KONY
10 BBB12 Gangnam Style KONY 2012 Morgan Freeman
UK.events 2 5 1 2

We apologise in advance for the BRIC country translations (courtesy Google) and any inappropriate links! Google of course in China is well behind their leading search engine Baidu. Brazil’s Zerg Rush is worth a visit – just wait!

Google  Searches 2012 (BRIC countries)
Brazil Russia India
1 Face ютюб (YouTube) IBPS
2 BBB12 смотреть фильмы онлайн (Online Movies) Gate Exams
3 Ask олимпиада 2012 (Olympics) Sunny Leone
4 Avenida Brasil одноклассники социальная сеть (Social network site) Ek Tha Tiger
5 Zerg Rush вконтакте моя страница (Social network site) Rowdy Rathore
6 Eleições 2012 евро 2012 (Euro 2012) Cbse
7 Transformice евровидение 2012 ((Eurovision 2012) Rajesh Khanna
8 Enem великолепный век (Magnificent century) Aakash Tablet
9 TRE выборы 2012 (Elections 2012) Hdfc
10 Fina Estampa универ новая общага (University dormitory) Jabong


1 中国好声音 (Chinas voice)
2 伦敦奥运会 (London Olympics)
3 江南 Style (Jiangnan Style)
4 甄嬛传 (Zhen Huan Chuan)
5 钓鱼岛 (Diaoyu Islands)
6 爱情公寓 3 (Love apartment 3)
7 神九 (God nine)
8 iPad3
9 海葵 (Sea anemone
10 安卓游戏 (Android Games)


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