Weak registrations in October – dotuk domain cliff approaches as new Nominet COO/Director appointed

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This may be an exclusive! The only Nominet  source for new registrations, following their cessation of publication of detailed .uk domain registration figures from September, is their Board Meeting “Communiqué”. The November version, allegedly, published yesterday has been unavailable since last night. We of course have informed them. We hope Eleanor Bradley their newly appointed Chief Operating Officer and main board Director has a good eye for detail as we do tend to come across these sort of glitches on a rather regular basis. Just in case its availability status is updated (it has been as of 10.15am GMT December 14) be our guests & read the November Communiqué. (Page link lest they change the link or in case you would prefer to try it yourself!) We understand their Communications department are on an away day today – no comment!

As a sort of introduction to Eleanor  Bradley we have again included her video explaining the proposals which, possibly due to its limited availability has only had 34 views on YouTube rather than the millions it deserves!

Whist their was a small increase in October (+3.9%) on last month  the year to date  figures continue to show nearly a 5% reduction. This compares we calculate (source  Hosterstats ) to dotcom’s which are running at +5.5% over last year. The dotuk trend first occurring in September of registrations being below all of the last three years ie 2011,2010 and 2009 continues. With the traditionally weakest two months underway and the disruptive direct.uk proposals staggering along we are not optimistic and fear we are on the edge!

Total domains on their register have grown to a little under 10.3 million and on a countback basis comes to 65.0 (65.0) months new registrations.

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The comparative unadjusted graph is included showing the current run rate again being below that of 2009. The moving annual total is down by a further 1.3k (21.2k) on last month and at 1.99 (1.99) million is back to its June 2010 level.

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Less than 2 million for the year looks like a certainty now and 1.9 million might be a struggle.








Here’s the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer & main Board Director Eleanor Bradley. Whilst we disagree with what she says, we think, she says it well!

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