e Smartphones & iTV’s in the 2nd Half of 2013?

Dual smartphone, and single TV, screens from YotaPhone and Apple being announced / rumoured today.

The rather fascinating YotaPhone is scheduled to be showcased at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress (February 25-28) with home country and worldwide availability scheduled for Q3 and Q4. It’s Russian and remarkable for having dual screens, a LCD on one side and an e ink display on the reverse. Rather than us providing all the detail we’ll leave it to our Russian friends with a little help from Scribd. YotaPhone

Not sure if it will fly or not and we aren’t dual screen fans BUT the concept of a switchable e ink screen and an LCD one does appeal so maybe as the technology develops some form of split screen might evolve. Who knows?

You may have noticed that Tim Cook in his recent NBC interview said  of TV “It’s :

  • a market that’s been left behind
  • an area of intense interest.”

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This has, possibly deliberately, fed the rumour mill with unsurprising research saying again that (at least in the US) consumers would pay a premium price for an Apple TV.

From AlphaWise via AppleInsider  an overall premium of  20% would be acceptable with an increased premium at the younger end (18-29) going to over 30%.

Today The Wall Street Journal  has rumours of Asian suppliers “… testing a few designs for a large-screen high-resolution TV.”


We had hoped that something would have appeared from Cupertino by now as our ancient but loved Bang & Olufsen cannot last forever!

Maybe just maybe this time next year……..

Apple TV mockup partially courtesy of CultofMac 

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