Keep an I on our week (Ashes & Middle-Earth edition)

Our top, sort of, three articles this week were

  1. Tis the multi channel Nipper Season 
  2. LeWeb Paris’12 – Day3 
  3. LeWeb Paris’12 Day 1  /  Day 2 

After our brief trip across the channel we are having a distinctly antipodean weekend.

Initially full marks to Air New Zealand for their Hobbit inspired safety video now being used on all their 777-300 flights. Spot the personalities is also part of the game … brilliant!

Whilst on the Earth topic we’ve added NASA’s the Earth at Night video to our iWorld section which, possibly with the exception of the commentary, we also rate very highly. They also have some great “stills” over on their site.

NOW THEN on to the exciting stuff!

Click to locate the Hound Road Stand!

Our Advent for fun & dotuk  daily draw is going well but we want to encourage even more of you to participate / engage so ….. roll on drums WE ARE NOW OFFERING UP TO TWO FIRST ASHES TEST TICKETS FOR THE FIRST DAY OF THE UPCOMiNG SERIES. It’s at Trent Bridge, Nottingham from 10-14 July. The ticket is for the Hound Road stand.

So, including the daily winners to date, plus from (and including) today we will do a draw from the first 50 ENTRANTS (ie from today you don’t even need to be a winner!) for the first ticket. As a follow on if the response is sufficient we will, again for ALL past winners and entrants from 8 December do another draw for a further  ticket. Details to be announced at a later date.

So go for it & pass on the message to all your friends relatives colleagues etc etc. Only 30 days to go now. – You know know you want to!

The tickets are not being issued until February so we’ve dredged out our first day ticket from the last series over here as a teaser so as to speak!

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