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Catching up with some of the developments that took place, outside Paris & LeWeb, this week we think the scores are, sort of, Google 2, Apple 1, Microsoft and Amazon 0.

  • Google have cleaned up YouTube
  • Amazon have likely started paying for Kindle ads on Google Shopping
  • IDC reckon Microsoft may sell /ship 3.5 million Surfaces this year
  • Digitimes think sales/shipments of Windows phones will reach 52.5 million next year

Google announced “A new look to help you to subscribe and watch channels on YouTube” via their YouTube Blog yesterday and our initial impressions are favourable.

They go on to say “In this new layout, you’ll find the most crucial elements are front and center when you watch a video: the video is right at the top of the page and the subscribe button, social actions and video information are all combined directly below the player. Playlists are now available to the right of the video so you can browse through while you watch. You’ll also see this cleaner and simpler design across the entire site”.And of course they want your feed back “We’d love to get your feedback on these updates, so we’ll be hosting a Google+ Hangout on Air and a Reddit IAmA in the coming weeks–stay tuned here for details”

Until very recently Amazon devices have not appeared in Google Shopping but now their Kindle Fire tops the e-readers listing (odd) but they don’t yet appear in the Tablets search – yup you guessed it the Nexus 7 is #1! To be even handed the top 5 were:

  1. Nexus 7
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0)
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1)
  4. Apple iPad 2 Black
  5. Apple iPad 2 White

It is alleged that for, certainly competitive products to appear in Google’s shop then often $’s change hands so Amazon have likely buckled (with no doubt several grimaces) and joined in – or so some think!

The latest tablet research from IDC  revises upwards, by some 5.2 million their forecast for global shipments this year (122.3 million) as “iOS Picks Up Steam, Android Gains Traction, and Windows Finally Enters the Market” They reckon Microsoft’s, market share at some 2.9% this year, that’s we calculate about 3.5 million units (from of course a standing start this quarter) growing to 10.3% by 2016 implying around 29.1 million units. Apple wins out consistently being forecast to ship 65.8 million units this year (53.8% market share) rising to 140.5 million (49.7%) by 2016.

Digitimes  latest Smartphones forecast by operating system  for 2013 has android at  #1 with 70% of the market iOS with 20% and of the rest Windows 8 & 7 come in at 6.1% (nice progression we thought!). This comes to some   52.5 million units and implies total shipments of circa 860 million units. Apple comes to 172 million per our calculator, whilst Digitimes’s calculator reckons “Android phones are expected to top 600 million units”

Here’s IDC’s tablet forecast chart from our favourite chartists iCharts!

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