‘Tis the multichannel Nipper season!

Many of the major retailers both bricks & mortar & online are pushing the multi channel button (or attempting to) this spendfest season.

There’s a rather interesting run through from Target of how they are wooing & wowing their customers at every step.

“Ultimately to engage a brand wherever and whenever you want is really where we’re heading” says Jeff Jones their Chief Marketing Officer.

Their all embracing approach includes:

  1. In store, In circular, In advert QR codes
  2. In store wifi
  3. A Mobile app with 150 capabilities
  4. Digital as well as “hard” gift cards

On the last point we rather liked the, real bit of Americana re loving ones brother about $50 worth this Christmas!


Over here there have been various rankings of the main retailers adverts following some criticism ranging from sexism (Asda) to dog cruelty (Boots).

Ranking Christmas 2012 adverts 
Vision Mumsnet
M & S 1 3
Boots 2 7
John Lewis 3 1
Asda 2
Morrisons 4
Aldi 5
Debenhams 6
Waitrose 8
Tesco 9
Matalan 10

(1) Vision Critical’s ranking is, we think, significant in that it reflects the likelihood of converting their audience into shoppers, apparently M & S got  a 20% response.

Further detail including zillions of videos over at Marketing Week

For our part we, having a bit of a soft spot for HMV, are immensely impressed with their Nipper animation ads, so much so that we’ve set up a “Nipper” channel page which we will attempt to regularly update as the season progresses – Enjoy!

Here’s one of their “teasers” or should that be “tasters”!


Advance warning LeWeb Paris is on from tomorrow through Thursday & we will later today likely post further info & set up our Live stream links.

We don’t yet have any Affiliate marketing arrangement with HMV!

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