Shouldn’t they joyn the virtual world ‘cos it sucks less!

As the mobile operators attempt to claw back some of their relinquished internet traffic elsewhere it’s all virtual – Christmas presents, supermarket shopping and even earning badges!

The major Spanish contingent of  the  GSM Association (the mobile operators association who, inter alia, own the joyn trademark, operate the joynus website and are responsible for the development of the underlying technology) were the first country to launch joyn services amongst their networks. These services include instant messaging, file and video.sharing and “operate across any device, on any network”. The networks involved in Spain are Telefónica, Orange & Vodafone. Lots of additional info over at GTSM in the RCS (Rich Communications Services)  section of their website. One tiny little drawback we picked up on is that a couple of device suppliers haven’t signed up yet, Apple & Motorola!

Unfairly we noticed that, a little earlier today, the joynus website had a mini problem which we thought we would share!                             .

Meanwhile back in the virtual world Orange have discovered that 95% of teenagers (aged 11-18) in the UK have smartphhones, 80% of them go on the internet whilst watching TV and they spend 10 hours a week on social networks. This is in their Orange Exposure 2012/13 research across the UK France & (yep) Spain! You can both listen to the press release or watch their French video with subtitles!

Back to the virtual world (II) USwitch asked us  which of these would we send this Christmas & we said:

  • Vouchers for online shopping (eg Amazon) 26.5%
  • iTunes vouchers 22.6%
  • Online bank transfer 12.9%
  • ebooks 10.5%

Overall 40.5% of us were found to be going down this route and some were quite ….. generous spending:

  • Over £500 – 1.1%
  • £401-£500 – 0.5%
  • £301-£400 – 0.8%
  • £201-£300 – 3.0%
  • £101-£200 – 11.7%
  • Up to £100 – 82.9%

TNS (who did the Orange Exposure research mentioned above), to us, have a fairly terrifying “Retail & Shopper Solution – testing Shopper Directions is a suite of solutions to test shopper marketing initiatives on real, mock and 3D virtual reality shelves, both on- and offline”.

Here’s the video

Those virtual badges can be earned by your kids as they are “ being awarded to young people who ‘Connect with Respect’ as part of a Safer Internet Day campaign being run by Safe, the Certificate in Social Networking, and Makewaves , the award winning social learning environment.

The Safe SID Badge will be awarded to young people who follow the 2013 Safer Internet Day (SID) theme by commenting on debates and uploading their own media to a dedicated channel on the Safe Network within Makewaves”.

We seem to be giving Microsoft a lot more mentions than normal this week but their (non Windows 8 ) PR machine seems to be in overdrive with their IE10 video getting a disproportionate amount of coverage in our view. It’s sort of OK but didn’t make us smile or download it!

You judge for yourselves!

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