Have you been Amazonkd Bangld or Scroogled?

We are sure that all of us over the spendfest season will be, possibly on several occasions, Amazonkd, Bangld or Scroogled!

To be honest, in view of their rankings Bangld is the least likely of all!

Having a scrupulously fair and even handed editorial policy we have added to Bing’s attack verb with our very own concoctions! (We wonder if Google might respond with a Bringled piece. Just a thought!)

Microsoft via Bing are trying to launch a bit of an attack on Google on the shopping side at this, how should we say, fairly competitive time of the year. They have even set up a website  to attract the curious who want to find out more about Google’s advertising practices which they deem to be less than honest. Someone over at All Things D (part of the Wall Street Journal stable) thinks that Bing themselves are not entirely whiter than white and, heaven forbid, may be commercially biased. They, sort of, have a fisk of Bing’s attack promotion with a  critical conclusion.

“Clearly, Microsoft’s timing with the campaign is a little fishy. While it lines up with the holiday shopping season, it also probably has a lot to do with the 18-month-long investigation of Google’s search business, which is coming to an end. As a source told my colleague, Liz Gannes, it’s now a good time to try and land something on Google: “All these people who have wanted to kill Google, this is their chance. They will never have a better opportunity than the next 30 days.”

Better get your lumps in quick, Microsoft — time is running out”.

The concept of “killing” Google did make us smile!

We’re not great shopping channel addicts here but having found the top male (apologies to our female visitors it’s not deliberate) Christmas presents at The Huffington Post UK we thought we’d do a little experiment. We selected the Polaroid Z2300 for our research and both Amazon.com and Google shopping came up with $159.99 but Bing shopping had a headline figure of $163.19 which with a little drilling down morphed into $159.99. (Amazon in the UK have it at £149.99 incidentally).

Bottom lining it we think that choice and price considerations far outweigh any of the service providers commercial practices.

Bing have a blog post about it all and we couldn’t help appreciating the first comment from blix10.

“You know I really like Bing, but I’ve never used bing shopping (or google shopping for that matter). But I just watched that video where you searched “toy trucks” on both bing and google…google still gave much cheaper prices for the exact same product. I also searched “wilson baseball gloves” and bing returned me 1 result, that’s right 1 result and google gave me almost 5,000 results. I understand why you don’t like googles “pay-to-rank” system because I don’t either, but someone using googlel shopping is still going to get way more options and that will most likely lead to a better price.  I would recommend not making this campaign public because people will be really disappointed and that’s not good for the Bing name.  Besides, this whole shopping thing is what Amazon.com is for.”


We couldn’t leave the topic without also including Bang’s Bing’s video covering all the detail about the toy trucks! Enjoy!

Our apologies for the rather feeble & hurried graphic in particular the Amazon element with whom we have affiliate marketing arrangements!

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