Ecommerce Traffic takes a sharp Mobile turn

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Monetate  with their latest Ecommerce Quarterly Research EQ3 2012 invloving  “ …. more than 100 million online shopping sessions that contribute to the analysis and benchmark reports found in every release of the EQ”.

Their website traffic statistics are, we think, fascinating and elsewhere (at Appleinsider) the huge significance of Apple products are discussed (justifiably we believe) in some detail.

For our part we will concentrate on the tablet side of their analysis whilst putting this in the context of the overall market.

To extend the trends we’ve gone back to their EQ1 2012 to give a 7 quarter perspective. It looks as if (in common with virtually all statistically based research there have been certain revisions to historical data but we will stick with their initially published information for the first 2 quarters of 2011. We also note that the historic categorisation of PC has now morphed into Traditional in the overall scheme of things. (Having said this we were pleasantly surprised to see today that the third quarter UK GDP second estimate issued today  by The Office for National Statistics (ONS) unusually did not show any downward (or upward revision) at the headline level.

We digress back to Monetate!

Overall Website traffic changes since Q1 2011:

  • Traditional/PC source down by 12.6%
  • Mobile sources up by a factor of 3 increasing by 12.5% to 18.4%
  • Of the Mobile increase over 1/3 comes from Tablet increases which have moved up by a factor of 5

The rate of increase in Mobile sources seems to have slowed this quarter at 2.5% but this may be seasonal (or possibly even due to product release schedules) as the change last year was also low at only 1.5%.

Looking at the really interesting information by differing tablets the impact, we think of the Kindle Fire is most interesting.

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Only introduced in mid Q4 of 2011 it has already gained a disproportionate traffic share in comparison with Android whose shipments far outweigh Kindle Fires. Amazon likely after initial shipments of 4-5 million in q4 of 2011 have been running at around or a bit less than 1 million units a quarter. Jeff Bezos must be rather pleased. His ecosystem and business model seems to be working quite well.

It will be more than fascinating to see how these statistics evolve as Google and Amazon join the maxi brigade and Apple the mini crowd. We almost forgot Microsoft,  Barnes & Noble and Samsung!

Great stuff!

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