Keep an I on our Week (Black friday OK, Weather & .UK dire + *Incentives edition)

Our top three articles this week were:

  1. Dire dotuk registrations in third quarter and worsening
  2. A is for Apple, B is for Bezos Billions & Black Friday 
  3. Google Search – Is it Spiffing 

A dire set of figures from Nominet as they plough ahead with their, we think, increasingly unpopular, set of proposals for the .uk domainspace. Couple of reasoned runovers from:

We can’t recall as wet an early winter as this one. Our graphic is from Cheltenham where apparently the flood defences are working well although there have been some power cuts.

Google confused us, unfairly, we though rather early in the morning on Thanksgiving with their “Spiffing” new search menus but it looks as though they may have encouraged all those Black Fridayers to come out in force in the US.  Over here though some stayed at home but may have still manged to spend over £200 million yesterday. We also rather like the idea of Small Business Saturday. So why not today spend at least a few of your diminishing £’s with a small local independent business/retailer?

For some perspective of the online spendfest we thought this graph from comScore told a story.

Finally we would ask you to consider responding to the Nominet consultation concerning the future of the .UK domainspace particularly if you have or work for a small business or simply if you are an internet user who would like to engage.

Click to enlarge

*As an incentive we’ll offer a nearly new android “white box” 7″ tablet in a draw from the first 50 respondents via this site. Just drop us a note in the comments on the blog page Do yourself an enormous favour saying how you’ve answered questions 7(a), 8(a) 8(d) & 9 (if you don’t want this published just say so & we’ll still enter you in the draw). If this goes well we may offer a ticket to the first day of the first Ashes Test at Trent Bridge next year from a draw on reaching say the 500th respondent, but we may require a statement of truth at that stage! Normal rules apply which means we’ll make them up as we go along! Just click on the no no minet no ad to get to their online form – mention it to all your family friends associates etc etc etc as well please – you know it makes sense, particularly on yet another rather wet weekend!

As a, sort of, reminder of a cricketing summer here’s a link to a podcast/listen again of Geoff Boycott answering Mastermind questions on his favourite subject…… Geoff Boycott, recorded earlier today in India.


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